We're sunsetting Basetool

View and manage all your data in one place like a pro

Empower your team and collaborators to view and manage the data you already own in a nice easy-to-use protected tool.

Basetool helps you have a better handle on your data in a collaborative way so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Information security is paramount to us. We won't share your email or send spammy content.

Hey there,

This is bitter-sweet, but we are sunsetting basetool. We couldn‘t find a niche for it. We still think it‘s an amazing piece of software, but it doesn‘t really fix a problem per-se.

This is probably our fault as founders for not doing more due-diligence and research.

We‘re not going to accept new sign-ups, and the app will be shut down on July 20th 2022. If you still want to use basetool, please clone it from GitHub or use the docker version.

Thank you for the amazing ride.

Adrian and David

PS: We‘re doing amazing work on Avo. Avo is an app development platform built on top of Ruby on Rails. You can build a modern customer-facing Ruby on Rails admin panel in no-time.

It‘s also very easy to build internal tools based on Ruby.

We‘ve seen a lot of success for our customers that are building MVPs for their startups.

Give it a try. We think you‘ll love it 🤙

Ready for end-users

It's like Airtable for your database

Make your database a full-fledged collaborative app ready for any end-user.

Basetool screenshot
Watch Adrian build an admin panel in 4 minutes

Deploy faster

Everything you need from an internal tool

Mobile interface

Browse your data in a mobile-optimized interface.

Information security

We don't store any of your data. Basetool acts like a proxy from your data source to the UI.


Host basetool on your infrastructure close to your data sources.

Automatic field matching

Automatically match your DB columns to the perfect basetool fields for the best editing experience.

Permission controlled

Customize who sees what data and what they can do with it.

All your data sources under one roof

All your SQL needs and more. Read data from Google Sheets, Airtable, Stripe, Intercom, and more.

We need a quick way to create internal tools to keep up with our fast-changing processes. It should also make it easy for us to maintain the tools we design in the long run.

Rachel Weiss

...any CTO

Security & Privacy

Your data is only yours


Basetool acts as a proxy between the browser and your data source. No data is being stored or logged on our end.


We are storing the table names and column names when a user creates a setting on them, and that's about it. We're not storing any queries the users make.


We don't collect any for the self-hosted version.

Account details

We store your name, email, role, and organization name. Pretty much what you fill in on the register page.

Meet our team

The founding team comes from an engineering background, building developer tools for startups and large organizations.

Founding team support

We’re here to help

The founding team is ready to help you get started and answer all your questions.